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Paper Pilots Support: OS X

OS X License Installation
Uninstalling The Screensaver
OS X Frequently Asked Questions

OS X License Installation

Step 1

Download and install the trial version.

Step 2

After purchasing a full license, you will receive an e-mail containing your Pilot's license.

From the screensaver preferences, choose the Options button.

Copy and paste the license from the e-mail into the license field (replacing the DEMO-LICENSE text).

OS X Options Screenshot

Step 3

Hit the Install button. This will contact the Paper Pilots server, download and install the latest version.


Uninstalling should be as simple as selecting the screensaver in the System Preferences and hitting the delete key:
  • Go to the Screensavers section in the System Preferences
  • Find the Paper Pilots screensaver (look in the Others section)
  • Select it and hit the delete key
If hitting the delete key doesn't work, you can try holding the <Ctrl> key and selecting the screensaver with the mouse. This should bring up a menu:
OS X Delete Screenshot
If this still doesn't work, the screensaver can be uninstalled manually. You should find the screensaver in the Library/Screen Savers folder (either the system folder or your home folder depending on how you installed it).

Frequently Asked Questions (OS X)


There are minor issues when trying to configure the screensaver on multiple monitors under OS X. When you want to configure the screensaver please either disable one monitor or temporarily turn monitor mirroring on.

If you see poor performance on multiple monitors, turn off FSAA (Full Screen Anti-Aliasing) in the Screensaver Options. Your graphics card may not have enough RAM to run at full speed on more than one monitor.

Can I run this on an older Mac?

The current version of Paper Pilots runs on both PPC and Intel Macs. However, it requires technology which was only available in OS X 10.5. An earlier version of Paper Pilots has support for OS X 10.4 and can be downloaded here:

Why does my computer's fan start when the screensaver runs?

If you find the fan on your computer starts up when the screensaver runs, this means that your computer is having a hard time keeping up with the demands of the screensaver. There are a couple of ways to fix this:
  • In the Options (System Preferences), make sure that the toggle button for "Highest Quality (FSAA)" is turned off. This is the most probable cause for a busy computer.
  • If the computer is still busy, hit <Enter> while the screensaver is running, go to the Global Settings and change the Playback Speed to Chunky (15 FPS). This will cause the screensaver to refresh the screen less frequently (this option requires a license to be persistent).

Unexpected Activation

If the screensaver activates while you're working, please check the "Hot Corners..." option in the System Preferences. It's possible this might have accidentally been turned on, causing the screensaver to activate when your mouse is moved to a corner of your monitor.

Other Questions

If you have questions which aren't answered here, please check the General FAQ or contact us.