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Paper Pilots Support: Windows

Windows License Installation
Uninstalling The Screensaver
Windows Frequently Asked Questions

Windows License Installation

Step 1

Download and install the trial version.

Step 2

After purchasing a full license, you will receive an e-mail containing your Pilot's license.

Step 3 - Install the license

Open your Display Settings
Display Properties Menu

Edit the Settings for Paper Pilots
Screensaver Settings

Copy and paste the license from the e-mail
Paper Pilots Controls

Step 4 - Install the license

Hit the Install License button. This will contact the Paper Pilots server, download and install the latest version.


There are several ways to uninstall the screensaver:
  1. Use the "Uninstall Screensaver" entry in the Start Menu
  2. Use the control panel to add/remove software

Frequently Asked Questions (Windows)


There are minor issues when trying to configure the screensaver on multiple monitors under Windows. When you want to configure the screensaver please either disable one monitor or temporarily turn monitor mirroring on.

What versions of Windows are supported?

The screensaver runs well under Windows XP, Windows Vista (all versions). We have also run the screensaver successfully on various versions of Windows 7.

Why does the screensaver run slowly on my machine?

Paper Pilots uses sophisticated rendering technology. If you have an entry level graphics card, it may be too demanding for your machine. In the settings for the screensaver, there is an option to Optimize for integrated graphics. You may find performance is better with this option turned on.

What if my machine has display problems with the screensaver?

Many display issues are dependent on your graphics card and the drivers installed. Some issues reported include:
Q: The screensaver flips my monitor upside down.
A: Please look in the display settings for OpenGL applications and turn off the option to flip the monitor.
Q: The paper darts are all drawn black.
A: Please turn on "Optimize for integrated graphics" in the settings.
Q: The motion is really chunky and slow.
A: Please turn on "Optimize for integrated graphics" in the settings.

Why doesn't the screensaver use the right language?

The screensaver has a limited number of localizations. It's possible that your language isn't currently supported. If the language is available in the screensaver, then it's possible you may need to change the system locale. Although the screensaver supports Unicode internally, Windows doesn't consider the it to be a "unicode" application. If you are running Vista or later, you may need to change the system locale.

An alternative is to purchase a license, which would allow you to save the language settings.

At the current time, the screensaver configuration dialog doesn't have any. localizations.

Will there be a Direct X version?

Paper Pilots uses OpenGL for rendering. Though there are no technical reasons, we currently don't have a Direct X version. If you are having driver issues please feel free to contact us.

Other Questions

If you have questions which aren't answered here, please check the General FAQ or contact us.