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The Paper Pilots Screensaver

"Paper airplanes like you've never seen them before"
Nick Mead

The Screensaver

The Paper Pilots Screensaver is a cute 3D screensaver that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. You can create up to 20 different screen configurations, choosing various combinations of airplanes, balloons and scenery.

Watch the planes perform stunts like barrel rolls and loops in skies filled with crêpe paper clouds. All movements are based on true physical laws which is why the motion looks so realistic.

So download the trial version now and experience it yourself.

Sample Movie

The Company

The Paper Pilots Screensaver was created by a small Canadian company whose team of talented developers have years of experience in the computer graphics industry.

As a company we believe in preserving the environment. We donate 10% of profits to environmental charities.

Awards & Reviews

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